About us

“In no other profession are the penalties for employing untrained personnel so appalling or so irrevocable as in the military.” – Douglas MacArthur, 1933.

This has become even more relevant as technology advances at an incredible rate and the manpower, knowledge and experience to operate it reduces. Nations spend billions on new aircraft and state-of-the-art sensors but all to often overlook the relatively tiny costs of training their people effectively.

JD2E deliver ISR training courses to military and law enforcement customers at our academy in Lincolnshire or at the customer location as required and are active across the globe. Our primary training focus is ISR, EW and sensor operator training for airborne platforms and air integration.

Our ISR training simulator allows for practical ISR exercises to be conducted, with a C2 cell co-ordinating the operations and individual platforms and sensors. This allows individuals to exercise their own skills and those essential, softer skills such as communication and decision making in a dynamic and immersive environment.

For customers who have recently acquired new ISR aircraft and are looking to develop an effective capability quickly, our 5-25 week, modular ISR training courses are ideal. These courses are tailored to the sensors and capabilities of the aircraft and allow operators and taskers to carry out co-ordinated ISR taskings and processes.