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JD2E is a simulation and training company delivering training in the fixed wing, rotary wing and maritime environments to military and civil customers around the world.

We are committed to delivering high-fidelity, high-quality training and have a track record of preparing trainees on courses for UK MoD and foreign military aircrew.  

With our training partner 2Excel, JD2E remains the only contractor providing live flying training to RAF Weapons System Operators (WSOps). 


In today’s world of critical missions, single opportunities and capable sensors, the “Thinking Operator” is essential for successful missions, often having the additional roles of real-time analyst and tactical interpreter. Effective training of personnel ensures the correct decision making, tactical awareness and, ultimately, mission success.

JD2E provides turnkey solutions for all sensors, platforms, crew, operations, simulators and personnel with scalable, modular training and decades of operational experience in all domains.
Our training will help turn your aircraft and crew into a mission capable asset.

As aircraft and sensors become more available and widespread, countries are quickly becoming aware of the need for operator training to realise the potential of the asset.

JD2E has delivered training to a number of international customers and is currently the provider of ISR and acoustic training to the UK’s Royal Air Force.

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